8/18/2010 premarket and watchlist

morning folks. futures gapping up slightly. Overseas market mixed. . A break above 1090 and this market can run to 1100. Overall i do not think the market will run too far but we are definitely due for a bounce and i hope today is the day we see one.

Short term however, a bounce is not out of the question we got options experations today so be aware of shifts in the market that are unpredictable so that the big boys can hit their strike prices.
interesting dynamic of the day is OIL is down 1%.  we need oil to fire for this market to stay bouyant.  Many of the drillers are starting to look like the AG stocks six months ago so keep an eye on them. It might be their turn in a few months for the huge move.
tickers cga, cagc, mpel, rdn,  tgb, cntf, id, hw, cot



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