8/11/2010 premarket/ gold stock watchlist

 market gapping down nasty minus 1.5% across the board. Markets overseas suffered similiar declines. Oil down 1%. As you can see here the russell is sitting on multiple layers of support.  If we break below watch out.  The VXX will prob spike up hard so ill keep that it my back pocket.  the dips in the market have been getting bought. even yesterday we had a rebound after a lot of selling. this pattern can only last so long. will today be the day that it breaks. Im not sure but thats what we will be looking for.  We are still in a bear market trading environment. news controls everything.   Be tight with all plays and do not let anything turn into big loss. 10% max.
watchlist is small. lot of gold stocks popping up.
 these gold stocks look like they are gonna break out.
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