Same story today with the markets as last week. We wake up to an overnight gap up and then trade sideways the rest of the day. If you missed Kunal’s market analysis for the week, check it out here. Earnings season is upon us and that provides us with plenty of opportunities intraday, no matter what the market is doing! We had a killer day today in the room with 9 for 11 alerts, totalling $2255 in gains. If you are struggling with your trading, our trading bootcamp starts up tomorrow and it is the place you want to be! Email me to sign up or with any questions!

VVTV- breakout watch

CYTK- major momo today. watching for continuation tomorrow

CSCO- coiling for a move higher

RJET- breakout watch

CIEN- stock is flagging

UNXL- r/g watch tomorrow, coming off a bottom



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