7/29/2010 recap SPLAT


 well today is the kind of day that makes u want to rip  ur newts off and give up your man card as no self respecting gentleman can swingtrade through such a hot mess. in the end all you will want to do is eat your own brains(heavily salted)  as its become useless since you cant pinpoint where the action is going. I guess in the end you could still call it a semi-victory for the bulls just an ugly one with cankles and a snaggletooth (not that anything is wrong with that!)  Days like this our a huge challenge for men of hyperactivity as Im at 70% cash levels and dying to do something with it…the trick is to be patient and wait for ur moment.  in hindsight being in a grinder a day ahead of the big bad gdp report makes sense. all in all didnt trade too much today as even a perfect setup like $bpz gets tossed back n forth.  I also let a nice gain in $roiak go back to nothing!!! but i added more.
ideally id like to see some weird reaction to gdp…a big gap down to a support level…then ill go in like John Rambo with a rusted steak knife an take a whack out of the bears.
Added URRE today again! .514 or so
AKRX and LNG gonna rip tits



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