morning folks. we are poised for a slightly weaker opening.  Marketing is digesting GE earnigs and taking a well deserved breather. Today is an opex day so expect to get whipsawed.  A majority of traders i know dont trade much on these days as its hard to find an edge.  As we are all trading junkies i am sure we will find something to trade regardless!  The market might firm up anyways. Goldman is moving 5% higher premarket
Nat gas is hot again today. We will keep an eye on those plays for daytrades. Oil is flat.  Lets make this a great friday!
 my java is not working so my video could not finish.  Here is the stocks that I am watching in whole
 remember to limit risk buy on pullbacks to support or the break of resistance.  Often there will be amazing stocks on thsi list.. I just cant be in them all. But study them, and if you see a play  take it. Just limit ur risk.



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