Market gapped down 100 points this morning only to recover sharply by the end of the day. Anytime you get in the oversold category in the market you can expect rallies like this. Just as we stated yesterday, we added a ton of long positions today expecting a short term bounce in the markets over the next few days.  Adding the longs paid off for us as we made $1785 dollars today in the boom room! Huge snapback plays in LNG, NFLX, YELP, SODA. We had great risk to reward on these stocks and it paid off for us. Held 1/2 positions in a few of them overnight. Here are the trades all alerted live with position size.


Here is a look at the bulls chat room if you haven’t seen it before. Entries and exits are posted on the ride hand side with position size and stop prices. If your interested in trying it out send me an email

Here are a few stocks that I like for tomorrow:

ELX- snapback watch

MPW- breakout over 9.8

MRGE- breakout/ gap fill watch

OMEX- bounce watch

BWS- stock is flagging

CLSN- nice big flag forming.. looking for break of flag

MLNK- breakout watch, hot chart 

CZR- snapback watch







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