Markets pushed near all time highs today.. however, the lack of volume and lack of stock participation seems to be an issue.  Here is a look at my top picks for tomorrow on both the long and short side. If you guys have any questions, please email me and let me know. If you are struggling and need some advice I am happy to help.. just shoot me and email and let me know what issue your having! Also, I am going to be doing a webinar for bulls member on Thursday nights.. so if you have a particular topic that you want me to talk about or specific trade you want me to review make sure and email me before the class 🙂

INTC- breakout watch thru 22

BBRY- coiled up for a move, not sure which way.. but getting tigher

NIHD- watching this one short.. hit 200dam and overbought. could sell off here

STAA- potential short on g/r move

CBLI- bull flag

HILL- parabolic short watch

ONTY- trying to come out of range.. breakout watch





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