hey dudes.  Market looks to be flat open.  europe was down a tad…but nothing much. Oil looks to be flat. We had the ADP numbers come out they were off a tad but it seems to be baked into the market already.  there has been really no job creation this past year except governemnt jobs.  Anybody who has an unemployed friend can attest to that so no big surprise.   the indexes failed bigtime yesterday we had a somewhat bounce into the close.  1040 is the big number on SPX as both bulls and bears will attack and defend this point.  Lof of industry leaders getting taken out.  On the commoditiy side X, CLF all sorts have been taken to woodshed.  In the tech industry there were huge runs in the leader stocks $akam $crm $nflx  they are getting taken out too which does not bode well for the market.  We need those stocks to stay strong
big thing is to keep high cash levels…and just scalp back and forth.  when swinging just  trade the extremes in the market..FADE overbought conditions and fade the extremem oversold condtions. 



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