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6 free trading resources

There are many great free trading resources out there that can contribute significantly to successful trading. If you're a new trader looking to keep expenses low here are 6 great free resources: Pretty much has everything you need for researching stocks on one site. Has daily percentage gainers and losers of all listed stocks, a stock screener with pretty much every filter you can think of, and has great fundamental statistical overviews on all stocks. They have a daily chart with indicators, and lists the press releases of every stock in chronological order. It will link directly to all the press releases directly as well. Live pre and post market data with the highest percentage gappers. Great site to check before the market open to help you prepare your watchlist if you don't have a paid scanner like Trade Ideas. Has futures and forex quotes as well.

ThinkorSwim: Excellent free charting software that comes with a decent scanner and all the indicators and features you need to trade successfully. You can get live quotes if you setup an account with Think Or Swim (you do not have to deposit any money in the account), and will get access to their trading software. They also have a simulator and a ton of other features worth exploring. Great site with free charting software with live quotes. The free version even allows you to put indicators on your charts. Has a decent stock screener and links to all the press releases of the companies you're trading.

Edgar Company Fillings : Can look up any company filing from any listed company in the US stock market. If you're a trader that relies heavily on fundamentals, this site is your bible for trading. Even if your strategy does not focus on the fundamental aspect of companies it is worth using to look at the press releases of companies before the market opens to better understand the catalyst behind a stock that is gapping up or down. Website where you can look up the short interest and a lot of other useful information about a stock's share structure, including the float and percentage of the float that is short. It is useful to consult this in addition to other sources like Finviz and Yahoo finance to check accuracy of statistics like the float of a company, as many sites will often report different numbers for these statistics.

If you want some direct feedback on where you are as a trader and your trading goals, you should take our free trader assessment for advice on how to take your trading to the level you want to be. We will also direct you to our free webinar "How to make $200 a Day Trading" to give you even more free insight on how to achieve consistency trading.

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