5/14 hot stocks

Here is a look at how I trade Grpn in the room today and the reason the trade worked.  Also, a list of some of the stocks that I am watching for tomorrow:


KGJI- bull flag, on watch for break of the flag

ADY- bounce watch around the 20dma, double support there

XIN- stock is flagging.. love the chart still

AKRX- breakout to new highs at 13.09.. nice chart

P- flagging right at the 50dma.. a break of that level could pop this one

HA- flagging.. break of 5.9 should pop

AVNR- tapped 3.10 multiple times.. watching that level for breakout

OCZ-  5.65 breaking base and breaking 20dma, key level

HTH- short watch.. gone parabolic

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