Short watchlist as we dont need to be overtrading:
If mkt runs down..keep an eye on some of the metals like gold/silver etc
exk a bit tricky but its held its 50dma on multiple touches serving as support.  a position can be taken on breakout or as close to 50dma as possible..
This will serve as decent insurance too if we get some fear back in market. 
already near for volume. support near 5.50.  2 ways to play this. Play the breakout for a quick hitter. i got breakout pivot at about 5.90 or buypullback close to 5.50 for swingtrade with a tight stop underneath
Keep an eye on MPG i liked their earnings..
Need to find an exact entry as the chart has been blown..Going to try to add on a dip in the 3.2s or lower.
trade quick friends… Nothing to fear in this market except complacency. Dont just sit there and watch your accounts get waxed.  Take action move in and out quick. 



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