4/5/2010 Watch List Update -Spec Plays

Here are a handful of stocks I’ll be watching Monday for possible scalps.  These are highly speculative, so be careful and set stops! I’ve included my entries/targets, but these could change depending on market behavior and my risk tolerance.
Before you jump in with me, study the charts and make sure you have time to watch your positions throughout the day.  Stops are very important and I will not hold any during a failed breakout – no falling in love here.
For the first 30 minutes  I’ll sit on my hands and then see where these are trading. 
ANX – Scalp – Entry .24 First target, .265. Second target, .289
BCON – Scalp – Entry .455 First target, .48. Second target, .58
YRCW – Scalp – Entry .585. First target, .62. Second target. .80

XOMA – Scalp – Entry .625, First target, .72
OCNF – Scalp – Entry .80. First target, .91
CMZ – Scalp –  Entry .90 (if support holds) or .97 on breakout.  First target, 1.02. Second target, 1.14. Possibly swingable if volume and support line hold. You’ll want to check their announcements calendar, etc. 
CYTR – Scalp / Swing – Nice SMA200 support. Entry 1.13. First target, 1.20. Second target 1.29.  Stop 1 cent under SMA200
ANPI – Scalp / Swing – Charting turning bullish. Entry 1.21. Target 1.33-1.36. Stop below trendline support – 1.12 on Friday.
ACLS – Swing – Testing horizontal resistance.  Entry 1.87. Stop 1.80
See you in the boom factory!



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