4/27 hot stocks

MHO- breakout over 14

NEWL- break over 3.7 should work if the volume is there. low floaters been breaking out everyday

GNK- stock is basing on a bottom, watch for a break of that 20dma and top of the range

BKS- stock is flagging after a big move up.. on watch for another move

IDIX- watch a break of 8.63.. stock is consolidating

OPK- stock is flagging on support.

NOR- top of range breaking couple with 50dma.. should produce a pop. nice volume past few days.

NKA- stock is flagging after a big up move

TEAR- on short watch.. if the uptrend breaks.. the stock should fall. watching for a break of 3.9’s

FONR- short biased on this one.. looking to add more to my position short into pops.. looks like the distribution period before the fall

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