The 50dma held in the markets and we are back to trading in a channel. Every time we get to the top of the channel we get a slight pullback and anytime we get to the bottom of the channel we bounce. This is the trend that needs to be traded for now.  Bulls room had a decent day with big shorts in $scon.. we netted $874 in gains today. The trades are listed below as well as a look at my top picks for tomorrow:

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Notable after hours earnings movers: IRBT +13.8%, BRCM +4.0%, DV+ 0.7%, EW
-12.6%, AWAY -8.3%, CREE -8.2%


CERS- bull flag

HWAY- breakout watch

NIHD- at resistance and overbought..

MEI- breakout watch

RT- bull flag setup

OREX- breakout watch

SNTA- watching for break of this trend

LQDT- gap fill thru 35

BBX- parabolic short watch




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