Today was a grind grind out day.  Lot of stocks that normally would have broken out for big 10-20% gains ended up petering out after 5% gains.  When you get  a choppy market like that you got to time things perfectly and take profits quickly.  Thats why you saw me increase the number of trades i made today as  I knew to hit my daily profit goal I would need more trades due to smaller percentage expectations.
And still it was quite successful as we had
2 5-10% trades on $ct  We loaded twice in the 2.4s  the stock is hitting 2.7s after hours today
took a 1 penny loss on $antf 
A couple 2-3% trades on CYCC, JOEZ, PNX and all of the sudden you’ve hit your daily goals it just took a lot of grinding..  Its not glamour trading like that but we alll got to make a living and on days like this thats what you do.
still got $wres $pnx $ct from today and a host of others. 
Here is the watchlist for tomorrow.
P.S. if your sitting at home or work reading this…………GET out of the house!! summer time is coming its time for iced tea and summer flings!  summer of love people suuuuuumer of love 
 just keep an eye on this one….Seems like traders are gearing to run this stock.



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