4/2 hot stocks

Beautiful start to the month in the bulls room. We had $1134 in gains today. After a bad ISM number, the market finally closed red (was it april fools?.. that’s the question). As far as the spy goes, I am still watching the 20dma trend.. if that breaks we should get a short term pullback. Here is a look at the trades from today and my top picks for tomorrow:

All of the alerts are called out live by kunal via video chat with entry, exit and position size. Bulls is all about education and if you are struggling this is the place you need to come to learn. We teach you how to grow a small account and make consistent profits without much risk. Below is a look at our trades from today as well as my top picks for tomorrow:

email me mb.willoughby@gmail.com if your interested in trading with us!


MNKD- breakout watch

IBCP- parabolic short watch on weakness

SCTY- basing for breakout

HLX- breakdown watch

PG- flat top breakout.. thru 78 looks good

ADUS- parabolic short watch

GNE- parabolic short

PRKR- breakout watch





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