4/14/2010 Watchlist/ Position UPDATE

 My original plan was to shave off a bit of my positions as the s&p was struggling at 1200 coupled with overbought conditions and earnings on the way my feel was one bad report and we take a good 3-5% haircut.  But the moustached men at JP Morgan have decided to jerry rig their earnings for a nice beat to keep this rally going!! So today if we hold this level on the gap up I shall be buying.
The market keeps finding support on prior intraday lows which is what happened yesterday as we continue our slow upward grind low volume grind up 10 points a day…10 points a day.  Kind of like dry humping a really hot girl in high school.  Sure it feels good and its better than nothing….but it just doesnt leave you fullfilled.  Im dying for a nasty swing here or there up or down. 
Regardless the BF factory has been a redhot income generating machine as we can adapt to any environment.
Some of the Big Gainers of the last few days from yours truly
CT buy 2.07 (sold 1/2 2.12) still holding up 8%
HEPI buy .99 sold 3/4s shares 1.15 avg up 15%
TOPS 1.17 out 3/4s 1.23
TSFG buy .79 holding full pos
AGEN buy .79 sold in the .9s for 15% gain
HEB buy .80 sold .868 1/2  stopped out other 1/2 at .80
still holding JOEZ TSFG RPRX (1/2) GRAN and a host of others. 
Mr. @urbanryno had quite a day for himself too
went long SNV at 12:20 at 3.49 – touched 3.69
PARD at 12:30 . went long 1.23. Touched 1.39
went long FBP at 1:30 at 2.81. Toched 3.06
Finnies should be in play today….. also you should see some deadcat bounces in some of the stocks that had big blow off tops yesterday like $abk $rnn and others..
Keep an eye on TSFG CT GRAN
Looks like BIOMEDs is repumping RNN as we speak causing a big gap up….this should ignite some of the other bios.
Keep an eye on NBS and RPRX these both are set to fly. time your entries perfectly or you will lose 20% in a matter of minutes but if you nail it you could be making some huge gains.
 GRAN this is a low risk setup as you can stick a stop right under support (mental stop) as its a bit thin and the mm’s will takeyour shares out if they see a hard stop



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