Nice run up in the spy the past few days. The only concern that I have with this run up is the lack of volume that has accompanied it. However, the bulls are indeed in control of the markets. I am expecting a pullback the  next few days as we are getting pretty extended and once again overbought on the $spy. We had a nice trading day in the bulls room today with $896 in gains. Here is a look at the trades as well as a list of stocks that I am watching for tomorrow:

All of the alerts are called out live via video chat with entry, exit and position size. Bulls is all about education and if you are struggling this is the place you need to come to learn. We teach you how to grow a small account and make consistent profits without much risk. Below is a look at our trades from today as well as my top picks for tomorrow:

Email me if your interested in trading with us! Also, our 16 day bootcamp course starts up again in May.. let me know if you would like some info on that!


XOMA- bull flag

MEG- parabolic short watch

HIMX- flagging for another breakout

CLDX- breakout watch

BONT- breakout thru 14, coiled

TEO- breakout thru 16

ACAD- on watch for r/g move

RMBS- parabolic short

PAY- breakout thru 22

SBUX- breakout watch

RECN- break of 11.5 should pop this one, really oversold

ZQK- coiled up for a breakout



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