3/17/2010 watchlist kunal00

Market been up 13 straight days.  As our intern Dan mentioned yesterday when he was learning candlestick analysis after 10 up days your odds of having a down day go up exponentially.  So I will continue to stay light.   Ive given up some profits in the last week as the pullback i anticipated never came and being only 50% invested obviously cuts down on total returns.  But that is ok.  Position/account managment is “next level” type stuff for traders.  Most people can pick stocks but how they manage the accounts can make their income night and day

2 main stocks im watching
$fsii looks to breakout.  They have contract news out this a.m that will  push it to the b/o level

MTSN has the same look.

I for some reason still can not upload charts to our bloggers so i will send them via premium stream with annotations.



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