3/1/11 Swing Watch List Update

The Swing Watch List took a beating today.  The market weighed heavy on swingers and continues to reward intraday traders who can find the right short term momo. The swing I’ve missed out the most on lately has been gold and silver.  I should have included a few names on the watch list in this area.  Tonight, I’ll run new scans and find a fresh new group of stocks to watch.

Swings that closed today (stops taken out):

EGY  for 1.94% gain

VG for 3.33% gain

KAZ for 2.88% loss

WNR for break even

HUN for 2.8% loss

BPAX for 4% loss

Removed from list because I no longer like the setup:

CYTR and AKRX (AKRX might be interesting for scalp, but doesn’t appear appropriate for for swing)


Check back later for new swing  ideas.  I’m going to run screens for pullback stocks that are now sitting on support and a few in momo sectors – maybe gold or silver laggards. We’ll see what the screens uncover.  The market is very emotional right now, but don’t let yourself be.  Set your stops and understand your entries.

Let me know if you have any questions.





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