MOTR- watch for the 1 dollar roll

NSRS- pump that might 1 dollar roll tomorrow as well.. on watch

FFN- nice flag forming on this one.. looks liek it has more in it.. on watch for a break of 1.4

LIWA- breakout at 6.4, hot chart

PCX- up big on earnings today.. watch for a break of 50dma for continuation.. 8.8 is the spot

GNOM- still on watch for a break of that 3.10 spot.. that should send it hard

SNV- 1.82 break might pop it

SGMO- strong stock.. watching for weakness in the morning, then red to green move

QTWW- huge volume in this name and finally broke 50dma resistance.. watching for weakness.. red to green move or a break of today’s highs for a daytrade

MTG- stock is coiled up.. looks ready for a pop.. on watch for a break of 4.17 with volume

GA- long flat base, break of 4.3 with volume should send it

MPG- on watch for a break of 2.6

ENTR- big earnings breakout in this name today with no shake.. on watch for break of today’s highs for more upside

GIGM- short watch.. out of upper bb and overbought



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