2/28 hot stocks

DCTH- closed strongly today.. watch this stock tomorrow, breaks 4.5 should get moving

RTK- breakout at 1.98

BONT- stock is flagging and pulled back to 20dma. a break of 5 will send it running

MCGC- stock looks ready to breakout here. 5.1 level will send it.. nice volume expansions starting on this one.

LF- stock is flagging.. watch a break of the flag

INOD- 6.03 breakout might spike this one

DNDN- stock closed weak on huge sell volume after breaking down.. gonna watch this one for a short below today’s lows at 11.75

BONA- parabolic short watch


DSCO- watching for a gap out of bollinger bands, thenĀ  parabolicshort watch

Also don’t forget to watch these momentum stocks for red to green: ROYL, LEI, CAAS, CBLI

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