Market gapped up this morning only to fade all day and end up down 200 points. Thanks to news out of Italy this is the first big down day that we have seen in a while. I am cautious with adding new swing positions at this point. On days like today its a really good idea to look for strength and take note of those stocks that held up well in the sell off. That will help you find some clarity in the madness. Here are a few trading ideas that I am watching this week:

We had a flat day in the bulls room today..  you can see all of the trades from the bulls room here.  All alerts are called out live via video chat with entires, exits, and position size. Email me if you have any questions or interested in trading with us. We have a great broker who offers excellent short borrows and allows you to daytrade freely with an account as little as $2500. I can get you more info on that if you email me.


$pamt- like this one for breakout.. strong today. triple tap break looks powerful

TSYS- breakout watch.. looking for break of this flag

ZOLT- love the strength today.. potentail breakout here

RTK- 2.40 looks like big support on this name.. should be a bounce spot there

PWRD- like the strength today.. breakout watch

SPWR- nice flag forming.. looking to see which way the flag breaks

GKK- like the strength today.. flagging for breakout. looks like it wants more

FXCM- bull flag

SAPE- potential gap fill

MNKD- breakout watch

NKTR- clean leavel breakout at 9.5

VIPS- strong into the close.. r/g watch if no gap up

SSTK- parabolic short watch

SAND- bounce to that 200dma and ill be looking to short this one.. got in on radar








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