2/23 Speculative Trade Setups

Good evening, Bulls.  Ready to get ready for Tuesday?
Here are a few I’ve added to the Watch List for Tuesday morning: 
HLCS – My favorite setup on the list.. All of the pieces are in place to breakout. Now, we just need to watch the morning action to see if it plays out.  There are a few technical beauties here:
  • strong horizontal support on $1
  • very tight bollinger bands
  • Full Sto trending up
  • MACD trying to make a positive move over 0
  • RSI14 tapping on 50 – a move through would be bullish

Also, check out the circled price points.  The yellow circles show SMA20 resistance and the pinkish color shows MA50 resistance points.  Notice that HLCS moved through SMA20 today and is touching SMA50.

The trade – I’m looking to position long for scalp or swing IF it gets above 1.10 tomorrow.  Target 1.40.

QTWW looks interesting here for possible scalp.  I’m looking for an entry at .82 (safer entry over .85) with a target of .98.  This play may not materialize, but it’s on the watchlist.  Not interested in holding this one – just a scalp.
ANX – You’re probably tired of me talking about this one, but I still like the chart.  I’m looking for a positive MACD crossover tomorrow.  As long as ANX holds trendline, I’m interested.. right now trendline hits about .30 tomorrow with SMA50. Highly speculative and risky – scalpin only.
CYTR – Not the greatest chart, but I’m interested if we get a volume move above descending trendline.  1.25 feels like a pretty good entry  (resistance here). Target 1.40.
I’ll see you in the Boom Factory tomorrow… lots more to talk about there.



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