2/22 hot stocks | Bulls on Wall Street

2/22 hot stocks

Another strong day in the bulls room, $597 in gains today.. thats over $3000 in gains in 3 days. Not to bad 🙂 We had a nice rally in the markets into a close.. makes me think we have a green day tomorrow. Regardless, there have been some really great momo stocks to trade this week. Just take a look at $prkr $cbmx $chtp $spwr $pay etc.

Check out the trades below from today.. also you can see all of the trades from the bulls room here.  All alerts are called out live via video chat with entires, exits, and position size. Email me mb.willoughby@gmail.com if you have any questions or interested in trading with us. We have a great broker who offers excellent short borrows and allows you to daytrade freely with an account as little as $2500. I can get you more info on that if you email me.

CBMX- r/g watch for tomorrow

PRKR- r/g watch

MRVL- basing, breakout watch

SRPT- short watch

ABMD- breakout watch

CAMP- bull flag, breakout of this flag

OPK- bull flag

JCP- nice breakout today in weak market.. looking for more tomorrow




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  1. Unable to access screenr to view tutorials on DAS.
    What is the best route for trading? Also, are the videos from the Monday night classes available for viewing?

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