Nice day in the bulls room today $886 in gains. We had some great shorts right out of the gate this morning in $spls, $omx $odp. Nothing new in the market.. shorts continue to get waxed. One of the best things to do on strong days such as this is to note which stocks are weak around you. Then those stocks make for great potential shorts when the market does finally turn.

Bulls subs: dont forget to watch my study session here

Email me if you have any questions or interested in trading with us. We have a great broker who offers excellent short borrows and allows you to daytrade freely with an account as little as $2500. I can get you more info on that if you email me.

Notable after hours earnings movers: DMD +17.6%, LZB +10%, MDRX+ 4.2%, MM -25.3%, ARSD -3.7%, NBR -2.2%

TIVO-  flagging. watch for a break of the flag

WLT- strong today.. breakout watch


ACAD- breakout watch

STEI- breakout watch

NVGN- r/g watch



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