Heres a few stocks that I have on watch for tomorrow both long and short


KOG- breakout on this chart is 9.2’s

CX- consolidating for a move.. 5.15 with volume should set it off

RUTH- flagging, watch a break of 5.5

EXEL- double rounded bottom.. this breaks here and we should eb headed for a gap fill.

CRIS- all time highs for the stock is 4.42.. once past there, there is no more resistance so the stock could run for days



LNG- one of my favorite short setups to play is a stock that is bear flagging under a major moving average. Up days on this stock are very light volume.  Should be an epic short once that 7.90 level cracks

MELI- a break of 80 should bring in alot of sell pressure in this stock. On watch to enter this one short if the market looks weak

HOLI- bear flag breakdown right below the 50dma.. on watch for more downside





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