1/21/2009 Watchlist Regional Banks take over the w

How fun was today!!! I never did say sooo much booom in my life.  I have this feeling the regional banks gonna run again.
I was going to chart them for you but it would be next to impossible to show how some of these start running as they exhibit different types of charts:
here are some I like and will watch:
NOVB, PFBC, PRWT, ASFN, FMAR, CZNC, SBCF, TSFG, IBNK and i got a host of others. I looked at 400 charts on these today seperated by region. I got a good idea of about 40-50 of them
I got some decent swings too that are non banks in case the rest of the market picks up
I did a video!!!!
Here you go. and dont share the link with anybody or Ill hurt you (giggle giggle as copper would say)

copy and paste that into ur browser as I dont know how to make things link! im a trader not a computertician person

(EDIT: Bullsontech – Kunal, let me help you out!)



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