Not seeing a whole lot on the scans tonight.. nothing exciting. But thats ok because its still earnings season and everyday we have some great earnings movers on both the long and short side.  Here is a list of the earnings movers after hours. Most of these will be in play tomorrow.


Companies trading higher after hours following earnings/guidance: ZIP +17.05%, IGT +9.12%, MDRX +8.08%, PSDV +7.75%, LGF +6.85%, MCP +6.57%, SD +2.46%, FLT +1.86%, NVDA +0.87%, BRKS +0.52%

Companies trading lower after hours following earnings/guidance: GRPN -16.33%, SPRD -10.92%, PEGA -10.63%, DGIT -4.48%, JWN -3.88%, HALO -2.53%, RNDY -2.44%, DIS -2.08%, JAZZ -1.78%, DLB -1.06%, SQNM -0.99%


As far as the market goes.. we are sitting at a key level right now. If the 200dma breaks and the trendline breaks then it could get ugly. Here is a look at the spy chart and the area that needs to hold.

A few trading ideas:

$arry- if market bounces this stock might bounce here

NKTR- major support here.. should get a bounce.. oversold

RF- breakdown watch.. breaking price support and 200dma

INSM- break over 7

ES- 200dma and price breakout

AMCX- watching for more gap fill down tomorrow



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