11/8 hot stocks + earnings movers

Leading up to the election the leaders were names that supported romney (e.g energy) and the market was up. It seems that a potential romney victory was being priced in. However when the results came in that President Obama was to be re-elected, futures began to slip and it was downhill from there. Energy, banking and healthcare were all hit hard on the election results.  There is also a looming issue known as the ‘fiscal cliff” regarding taxes that President Obama failed to fix in his first term and thus investors are wary that he will be able to fix it this time. Anyways, bottom line is that the market did not like the election results and therefore got hit hard all day long. There were still some great daytrading opportunities out there. Earnigns movers continue to make us money on the long side no matter what the market is doing. We hit nice gains in $tngo $lpsn longs and $anr $aci shorts. Here is a look at all of our trades from today and how we made $931 in gains. Also a few stocks to watch for tomorrow:

bulls subs check out my trade review on $jdsu and $tngo from today: https://bullsonwallstreet.com/jdsu-and-tngo-how-to-trade-using-daily-and-intraday-charts/

If you are interested in trying out the bulls room send me an email mb.willoughby@gmail.com


Companies trading higher after hours following earnings/guidance:
PRMW +23.8%, DCO +9.8%, SLXP +8.6%, QCOM +8%, ITMN +6%, IL +2.94%, LOCK +2.5%, SNTS +2.5%, MBI +2.1%, AWK +1.8%, ATVI +1.2%

Companies trading lower after hours following earnings/guidance:
MITK -21.6%, MNST -12.4%, RP -8.5%, CNQR -5.7%, GHDX -5.7%, CQB -3.6%, OAS -3.5%, WFM -2.5%, MAKO -1.8%


CIEN- gap fill and 200dma break over 14.81

HCA- breakout watch

DYAX- flagging on the daily

LF- short setup

BGFV- parabolic short watch

WIBC- short setup

JRCC- support area for this coal

FRM- breakdown watch

SGY- short setup

ALXA- support bounce



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