ELN- breakout watch over 14.10

REDF- flagging on 50dma support, watching for a break of the flag

ACAS- consolidating for a week.. a break of 7.43 should set it off

SMSI- stock looks strong.. closed on highs friday.. watching for continuation this week. Really nice volume expansion

SVNT- flat base looking for a break of 2.57

CMED- stock flagging on the 50dma, needs volume to really push

AONE- has support at 2.20’s, could add here and watch for a bounce if market is strong

ATHX- big mover in the past, low volume so have to be careful with this one. Nice flag setup


FFN- strong stock friday. On watch for 1 dollar roll this week.

WLK- short setup if this gets out of the upper bb I will look to short. Really overbought.




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