1/14/11 Swing Watch List Update

It’s Friday… and wow, what a strong Friday it was.  SPX finished at the highs and is knocking on the door of 1300.  It’s really hard to say where we go from here.. earnings and, of course, employment numbers will be primary movers next week.
Here is a quick look at the Swing Watch List.  I’m pulling off all of the previously closed trades so the spreadsheet will be clean for Tuesday.
Friday’s Closed Swings:
JMBA – 5.98% gain on stop at 2.48
EGY – 5.39% gain on stop at 7.63
There are also a handful of stocks still swinging headed into next week:
RAX – up 10.25%
CPE – up 25.83%
PSID – down 2.8%
HTM – up 8.5%
BPAX – up 2.3%
HLX – up 1.07%
ENTG – up 5.19%
IDTI – up 2%
DSCM – up 5.75%
I’m adding a lot of stocks to watch for Tuesday, so visit the Watch List later this weekend for updates.

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