1/13/11 Swing Watch List Update

Hey, team.  Sorry I wasn’t able to add new stocks to the Watch List Wednesday night — been working on the new website that should launch very soon.
Quick reminder: market will be closed on Monday so we’re about to enter a 3 day weekend.
Swings that closed on Wednesday:
COIN – stopped at .48 for 17% gain.
YMI – stopped at 2.62 for .76% loss.
CLR – stopped at 62.09 for 3.76% gain.
Swings that closed today:
RFMD – stopped at 8.20 on small pullback today for 4.19% gain.
ASTI – stopped at 3.74 for 4.76% gain.
STKL – stopped at 8.31 for 1.59% gain.  Great looking daily chart.  Look for sma20 and sma50 pullbacks for new long entries.
FTK – stopped at 5.91 for 12.14% gain.
ZLC – stopped at 5.41 for 12.66% gain
HNR – stopped at 12.56 for 3.97% gain.
Keep an eye on the Watch List later this evening or before the market opens for more swing ideas.



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