11-3 Watch List Cleanup


I hope you’re keeping a watchful eye on the Watch List because it’s been performing quite well this week.  It’s all about preparing yourself for the setup and if it triggers, you jump on until the bull stops buckin!
Screenshot from the grid:

Stocks I’m removing from the list because the entry was triggered:

LLNW  – Pulled back (not as much as I had hoped) and then popped today.  Great looking swing trade off of horizontal support today.

JADE – Broke nicely through horizontal resistance.

CENX – I was looking for a move through SMA20 for possible swing (notice the resistance up to this point – blue line).

AKS – This was a bottom bounce.  Arrow shows where I added it on the list.. the bounce completed.

SVM – Big winner on breakout move above horizontal resistance. Bamm!

FTR – Textbook breakout of triangle today. Nice.

WOR – Broke nicely out of triangle.

SHO – Removing from list because it failed the setup.. Not worth watching anymore.

MCGC – Beautiful breakout and big winner.  Textbook.

SPRD – Massive breakout above triangle on Tuesday.

CAGC – I was looking for an entry above SMA50 (red line) and BOOM, got it on Monday.

NRF – Removing from list after it failed to breakout today and turned south today in a big way.

CGA – broke out of bearish pennant to the UPSIDE today.  That’s the move I wanted.

WNC – Perfect triangle breakout today on very strong volume.  Time to take it off the watch list – entry triggered.

INSP – Broke above horizontal resistance today for good swing possibility.



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