A nice start for the month of november in the boom room. $775 in gains today! We have some new features that you might want to check out..  new website + Kunal trading live via video. We are getting great feedback from our members reagarding this addition as it really helps entires and exits come across to you faster. Come check it out.. you will love it. Email me mb.willoughby@gmail.com if you are interested in trying out the room. I can get you info.

A few stocks that I am watching for tomorrow:

earnings movers after the bell: $aig $pcln $sbux $lnkd $gluu $open $yelp $skul $fslr

ZLC- flat top breakout watch

SIRI- breakout watch

CX- breakout watch

EXPE- flagging. breakout watch

SVU- flagging and looksing to start a gap fill

FOSL- starting to fill that gap.. a break over 200dma would start a run in this one

MAS- breakout watch, nice volume expansion

NUVA- flagging under 20dma. over that should pop






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