1/10 watchlist

Market is flagging, looking for a burst upward if the flag breaks.  Sentiment remains strong as well. I am still very bullish and will look to add stocks if market pushes through the top of this flag.

Stocks to watch for tomorrow:

BPAX– watch the break of .55

AXTI- stock is flagging.. watching for a break of 4.62

SWFT- flagging at breakout spot.. on watch for a break of 9.64

HEAT- a break of the 50dma might set it off.. watching for volume

FSLR- gap fill at 37.35

VDSI- watch this stock if it breaks 7.. nice volume expansion

ELN- breakout at 14.1

LNG- breaking down again.. a break of 8.5 and the stock falls hard

REE- out of upper bb and overbought.. should breakdown soon. (same look as bdco and zgnx today)


CAAS- short watch

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