10_4 Positions

I’ve been trading all over the map, behind the scenes and in the BullsOnWallStreet Trading Room.  I definitely have some risk on the table (probably against my better judgment).  However, I was able to book good profits today getting in and out of TZA numerous times.


Current Positions (all of my options positions are small – I’m still learning)

  • PCX calls –  I’m about flat in this position after the reversal in energy stocks today.
  • FSII – Still sitting on it – down slightly
  • F – sold 1/2 of my Ford position today on nice gap-up.  Looking to hold the rest – target 13.25
  • LVLT – long today at .955. I’m down a little, but am holding overnight because of the volume.  We’ll see if tomorrow brings something interesting here.
  • AAPL – an after hours buy at 279.05 – risk trade – see chart and notes.
  • GS  calls – Oct 155 at. 43
  • NFLX  calls – Oct 190  at .32

Needless to say, if we have a heavy down day tomorrow or gap-down, I could be in trouble. I’m a little over exposed (even with the small call positions) to the long side on a weakening SPX  chart.  I’ll be up early :)

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