10/4 hot stocks

Tough trading day today… but its a part of the game. Anytime you have a bad day its a good time to take a step back, review your trades, and prepare even more for the next day. If you are in a slump check out my blog here on how to crush trading slumps. I had to remind myself of this blog today, as I was trading very poorly. Here is a look at the trades and a few stocks to watch tomorrow. Nothing has change din the market, still a complete chop fest and we are still range bound.

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HOV- strong stock today.. looks ready to bust. will be the 3rd tap

GY- breakout watch

XPO- break flag on watch for break of 11.9


MM- breakout watch over 14.7 

BLDR- breakout watch

VELT- bouncing off the 200dma.. watching for that break of 9

 SRPT, VRNG- r/g watch

CONN- flagging.. breakout above 24


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