Here’s what I came up with this evening on some of my long side scans…  These are results from some new scans I’m trying, so we’ll have to see how they play out with a favorable market environment.


AHS – Tight bollinger bands on strong volume today. Not sure what sparked the interest today, but I’m watching for continuation over 5.50.  I might play it in anticipation of the move, but the safer swing is to wait for resistance to be broken before going long.


CNXT – Stepping up nicely in an ascending channel and breaking out of bull flag.  Target 2.  Good entry above 1.85 if volume continues.  Nice MACD consolidation and slide up. 


YGE – I like what YGE does when it gets through SMA200… Looks like it’s bouncing off trendline support after a full sector sell-off over the last week.


GMO banging around at horizontal resistance that takes us back to May and I like the volume.  4.50 could open the doors.


CPE is failing at SMA100 over and over again.. If it gets there, the shorts might get taken out.  What these levels.


HT is looking pretty good if it gets through 6.30.  Careful… it’s a little heavy, but a move here could make for a good scalp or swing with tight stop.


GTE – watch at 8 bucks.. 

See you in the boom factory! 



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