We are still seeing alot of volatility in the markets thanks to the news surrounding the government shutdown. We held major trendline support on the $spy last week and rocketed back up since then. Its been a really fun daytrading environment, especially for us in the bulls room. We had a record breaking week last week with over 16k in gains. We followed that up with a great start this week, grinding out $2994 in gains today alone!

If you are tired of seeing me post these killer gains day in and day out and are ready to start making them for yourself, then join our upcoming bootcamp November 5th. This bootcamp teaches you how to maximize your gains and minimize your risk.  As you can see we keep our losses small and minimize our risk by making sure we take a manageable position size on each trade. Small gains add up to big weeks!  The class is one of a kind. See why you should sign up for the course here and email me mb.willoughby@gmail.com if interested in signing up!You will be glad you did

FU- potential r/g play in the morning

PACB- potential bounce watch

RMTI- bounce watch

SGMO- bounce watch

FONR- bull flag

FNSR- breakout watch

ALTI- potential short on weakness




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