Watch List 10/14/2013

Bounce continues in the Market , small cap index IWM  and tech heavy QQQ almost back to the highs.Impressive showing by the Bulls with the hope for resolution on Government shutdown soon. Technically after massive 2 day of bounce, few side way/ slow days might be good for next run higher but this is a news driven market now so anything is possible. Great week in Bulls chat room with record $16321 gains for the week. All calls are posted via real time alerts. If you are struggling with your trading  then you need to join our upcoming month long trading bootcamp course starting November 5th. Learn how to be profitable in any market and to grow a small account! We teach you everything from risk management to scanning to trading strategies. The class is one of a kind. See why you should sign up for the course here and email me if interested in signing up! You will also have access to a  private community where you can  ask questions, share charts and talk with the instructors about your trades.

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ADUS Flat top break out watch.Thin stock.










BONA Momentum play.Might be good  for a scalp.










CSUN Solar name, flagging here.Keep an eye.










CZR  Coiling up,watching for range beak.










HCA Breakout watch.










KNDI  Coiling up a bit.No clean number. Watching intraday with volume.










SBGI Strong sector. Breakout watch.










UBNT Breakout watch.



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  1. I noticed you lost three times on ACAD the other day, then Monday it went up ten percent. what happened? are you looking for other pharmaceuticals to break out?


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