Market has now pulled back to the 50dma and the russell 2k is still holding that trendline.. ideally we get a gap down in the morning and then reversal making for a nice trading day 🙂 Bulls really need a rally soon. Gotta have stocks ready on both the short and long side no matter what. Here is a video I made for new traders to help determine the differences in a bull and bear market. Check it out.

If you are interested in trading with the bulls crew send me an email Here are a few stocks I am watching tomorrow:


MTOR- breakdown watch

XRTX- forming a rounded bottom.. watching for break of 7.3 area

SVNT- nice relative action compared to the market.. watching for break of the flag

FXEN- hammer candle off the 200dma, could be sign of reversal

SNTA- pullback to support.. watching for a bounce

OTT- parabolic short watch on weakness

ISIL- snapback watch

FOE- breakdown watch


 CHUY- hammer candle off the 20dma.. could reverse

ARNA- breakout watch






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