How to Develop Successful Work-Life Balance As a Trader

Trading is one of the most challenging and time-consuming endeavors you will ever undertake. But if it consumes your whole life, all the money you make from it will be empty profits.

Here’s the key challenge: To avoid burnout and to actually enjoy your trading career – all the while maintaining a good work-life balance.

Here are top tips from 16-year veteran trader, Kunal Desai, that will help ensure you have a consistent, solid, and strong work-life balance:

Develop a “Work-Balance”

Let’s start with developing a work-balance. This is solely focused on trading and your actions while at the screens. 

First, while you are at the trading desk, you have to minimize distractions. You need to be laser-focused. Not only is this important for sharp decision-making and performance, but it also is important for making sure you don’t burn out while at the screens. If you are focused on trading and everything else going on in your life all at once, you will burn so much mental energy and equity that the rest of your day will be ruined.

Second, make sure to have a structure in place every day you stick to. This outline below is one we made that helps guide new traders throughout their day. Following a set schedule and structure every day will allow you to remain focused, minimize distractions, and lower stress:

Don’t take work calls while you trade. Don’t write work emails. You either trade, or you work, or you relax. Don’t multi-task, it doesn’t work.

Develop a “Life-Balance”

Having a life balance will aid in your trading performance and overall quality of life. A clear mind is crucial to longevity and profitability.

One of the most important things you can do first of all is to make sure you are consistently doing things that clear your mind and lower stress. Go for a walk before you trade, workout, take on hobbies, play sports, etc. Make sure to set time aside every day to do things you enjoy. There is more to life than just work, and lowering stress away from the screens by doing things you enjoy will help improve everything.

Another thing a lot of traders overlook is their diet. Making sure you are fueling your body properly with the right foods will promote overall well-being and mental clarity. If you are eating badly, you will feel sluggish all day long, foggy, and stressed. 

Don’t let trading consume your whole life. This is an easy way to not just create a bad life for yourself, but also slow down your profitability.

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