Weekly Swing Trade Report for April 11, 2016

Welcome to the free Weekly Swing Trade Report. My goal for this report is to get your week started right by identifying key market trends, the sectors you should be trading and giving you some great trading ideas.

In today’s video we talk about this week’s sector watch (biotech, housing, energy and coal), review current positions and highlight a few stocks in play.

Last week I was on vacation yet was able to make money swinging ERX and LABU all the while managing my risk by taking a small loss in FCX. This is one of the great benefits of swing trading: you can trade part-time and let your money work for you.

First quarter stats (2nd quarter will be updated soon):

2016 BOW Trade Report Journal - Google Sheets Safari, Today at 10.35.45 AM

Watch, learn and let us know what you think!

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This swing trading service is great for those that work and can’t monitor the computer all day. We have in-depth nightly reports on the gameplan for the day/week and all stock picks that I trade will be alerted and emailed to you.

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