Paul Answers Your Questions: Swing Trading Webinar Q & A Follow Up

Two weeks ago I received an inspiring e-mail from a fledging trader who felt lost because he had never traded in a downtrending market. He’d lost some money, but rather than giving up, he told me he resolved to figure this market out. This got me pumped because flight is not in his nature, he’s a fighter. It was then I decided I needed to do a webinar on trading bear markets. 

Apparently this kid wasn’t the only trader who needed direction trading this market, because the response to last Tuesday’s webinar was HUGE! I received so many great questions that I could not get to all of them. So here is a follow up Q&A session answering all of your unanswered questions:

In case you missed it, here is a replay of the full one hour webinar “Swing Trading in a Bear Market”.

Webinar pic

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