Strategy Tips on Trading Big Tech Post Earnings (FAANG and Tesla)

Now that earnings are out of the way for all of the major big tech stocks, the real fun begins.

Last week on FAANG Friday, the last of the big techs finally reported for the July earnings season. This is money time for a swing trader looking for momentum catalysts. Here at Bulls, we have a basked of earnings setups we use for stock that both breakout and breakdown on earnings, and they work amazingly well with the big tech stocks.

While there were some clear winners and losers on earnings day, the potential post earnings trades are not as simple as picking he biggest breakouts and going long. Some of the biggest losers can actually be the best long setups, and some of the best breakouts make the least attractive plays.

In today’s video, I review the post earnings setups for Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Tesla. All have been market darlings during the quarantine and had volatile post earnings catalysts. We will learn the following:

1. The best of the breakouts
2. The “best” of the breakdowns
3. Entry strategies
4. Risk strategy



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