Path to Profitability with Student and Chat Member Oscar Martinez (AKA Fuinhaz)

On Monday the 14th of April we will be holding a webinar with a longtime friend and member of Bulls on Wall St – Oscar Martinez, also known as @Fuinhaz. If you’ve spent much time in the chat, you’ll know the name Fuinhaz, as he’s a great contributor who is known highlighting good stocks and levels in the market to watch.

Family Me and Kunal

What you probably don’t know is how Oscar became a full time trader. He started trading his own account in 2003, growing a relatively small initial investment into an amount he could trade actively. In 2007, he moved from Belgium to the US and also started trading full time. In 2013 Oscar took the Bulls Bootcamp, which helped him take his trading to the next level. I could tell you some more, but I’ll let Oscar tell his story in the webinar: how he started trading, the hurdles he overcame, and what advice he’d offer fellow Bulls students. Don’t miss it!





Just like Oscar  I have many other successful students who I have done these Path To Profitability webinars with. Check them out all these guys have a very inspiring story that you can glean some great information on but they all have 1 thing in common.  They are just regular people that had these common traits.

10 Traits of Successful Students Turned Traders



Here is the youtube playlist for the past P2P webinars







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