Part Time Trading Tips: How to Trade During Volatile Markets

Part time traders, there’s no denying it — you will have to deal with volatile markets.

Whether it’s a negative earnings report from Apple, a Fed rate hike, or a country like Greece defaulting, events occasionally happen that will send the markets in a tailspin. For novice traders this can be a difficult time to trade (and often results in huge losses from bad traders), but those with a plan and a “set it and forget it” part-time trading methodology can not only protect their accounts, but thrive.

In the following video I go over how to deal with volatile markets with a low stress strategy that leads to good decisions by creating a plan that allows you to go about your day without having to constantly monitor your trading account. Along the way we go over the “pair trading” strategy that allows you to profit without “knowing” which way the market will turn.

Watch this video and add the strategy to your part time trading arsenal!

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