Intraday Trading Setups – 12/3

Hey Guys! Here are some trades that we did for today with annotations on the charts. These are intraday setups that we trade over and over again everyday. You could literally learn this pattern, only trade these stocks, and make alot of money! Let me know in the comments if you have an questions on the trades. Also, click on the charts to make them bigger. Email me if you need anything!

1. KKD- classic short setup. Stock is gapping down at the open on earnings. You know it is in play for a short so you wait for the flag or setup intraday. Notice the stock held under the ema’s all morning and bear flagged. Below is a look at the daily chart and the intraday setup





2. Here is a look at the OMED chart today. Same scenario. Gapper on news. This time we have a bull flag that holds the morning ma’s. Called the Gap and go!



3. TSLA and GOGO- same gap up scenario with momentum. Stock holds ma’s all day and bulls flag. After that you have an eod run. Easiest $500 bucks you will ever make.








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