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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

Beginner’s Guide To Earnings Trading

Earnings season is the best time of year for momentum traders. Every day there are dozens of stocks gapping up and down in reaction to quarterly earnings reports. In the current market environment with the major indices getting hammered, there […]

Trading Watch List 10.26.2018

SPY huge dump on Wednesday and a dead cat bounce on Thursday. So far it’s just a dead cat bounce. SPY making lower lows and lower highs below 200 MA. Bears still on control. The play now is shorting resistance. […]

Searching For Relative Strength In A Bear Market (In Case We are Wrong!)

Okay, so I’ve been calling for a corrective market for some time now, and it’s playing out as expected. And now I expect a second leg lower that will retest April or February lows. This is based on the fact […]

Trading Watch List 10.24.2018

SPY gap down ,broke previous  low ,made a new low and bounce over 270 support and back in range. This is usually the type of action which often leads to a short term bottoming pattern. Not sure if we have […]

Trading Watch List 10.22.2018

Bearish trend continues in the market as SPY chopping  around 200 MA. Still no sign that the correction is over as we are seeing pocket of strength in many stocks being quickly faded. SPY needs to get over 280 and […]

Day Trading Tips: How To Catch The Meat Of The Move

Trying to time the exact bottom or exact top is one of the biggest mistakes new traders make. You will always see traders on Twitter sharing their bottom tick or top tick prints. But what you do not see is […]

How To Profit In Market Conditions Where Most Traders Lose

The current market conditions are the worst for new, inexperienced traders. The overall market has seen an enormous increase in volatility the past week, as the major indices have been in free-fall mode. Most retail investors panic as they watch […]

Trading Watch List 10.17.2018

We finally found the bounce we were looking for. SPY off to races after finally remounting 200 MA. Closed over 8 EMA with some congestion coming around 282 area. TNA Small cap ETF , 67.70 alert worked great on IWM […]

What Do We Do If The Stock Market Bounces?

The panic is over and everybody is expecting a market bounce. Wonderful! I’d love to see a bounce and have exactly one bounce position that’s in play. However, that’s all I am doing right now. Why you ask, if the […]

Trading Watch List 10.15.2018

Another volatile day on Friday. SPY gapped up, pretty much gave up all the gains but managed to make come back end of the day and closed right on 200 MA. A nail biter going into next week.Needs to hold […]

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