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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

Short Interest Definition: What It Means For Traders

Short interest is a statistic I always check before I trade a stock. We’ve gotten a lot of questions about what it means for how you trade the stock, and how it affects your bias. Today we are going to […]

Trading Watch List 03.15.2019

Small pullback day, not surprising after 4 days of run. Trend is intact over 8/20/200 MA. Some basing is expected. Here is my trading watch list for 3/15: If you’re unsure of trading strategies,struggling with your trading or learn how […]

How to Regain Your Trading Confidence

How can you maintain confidence when you know there is always a chance that you could be wrong? Many traders struggle maintaining confidence with their methods, even when they are trading a proven strategy. This results in self-destructive tendencies that […]

Trading Watch List 03.13.2019

SPY nice rally after 20 MA remount. Ideally, after three green days, would like to see some basing below 280 and then over it. Here is our stock trading watch list for 3/13: Some nice movers from watch list, GH, […]

3 Ways to Reduce Your Trading Fees

Trading fees are the cost of doing business. For small accounts, trading fees will cut into your profits more, and make your losses bigger. Understanding the ways you can reduce trading commissions is useful for cutting down your trading overhead. […]

The Best News Catalysts for Momentum Trading

The most explosive stock moves almost always occur with some type of news catalyst. When you look at all the stocks gapping up and down every day, it is essential to know the catalyst behind each stock you are considering […]

What is a Parabolic Stock and How to Trade Them

After doing our BPTH trade review, we got a ton of questions about parabolic moves and how to trade them. A parabolic move is a setup you will see frequently in all financial markets.  It offers a great opportunity for […]

Trading Watch List 03.11.2019

SPY trying to find support around 200 MA. Short term basing around or remount 200 MA would be ideal. Here is our trading watch list for 3/11: Going through individual charts,seeing dip buyers stepped in on short term moving average […]

BPTH Trade Review: Understanding Why Supernovas Occur

Moves like BPTH only come around once or twice a year at most. In case you missed it, BPTH ran from about $7 a share to $73 a share in just 1 and a half trading days. These types of […]

Trading Watch List 03.08.2019

SPY defending 200 MA support. Here is my stock trading watch list for 3/8: Action in small cap IWM a little worrisome. IWM lead the sell off back on September. So it is something that need to be watched. Some […]

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